Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Archeology Dig Turns Up Old Sins And A New Body In Today's Mystery. Read A Free Sample Of Our eBook Of The Day, Matanzas Bay, Without Leaving Your Browser!

Here's the set-up  for Parker Francis' Matanzas Bay, just $2.99 on Kindle:

When PI Quint Mitchell volunteered to help with an archaeological survey in St. Augustine, he didn’t count on digging up a murder victim. In the nation’s oldest city, Mitchell discovers links to ancient sins, comes face to face with his own past, and unleashes powerful forces that will do anything to keep their secrets—even if it means taking his life. 

In this award-winning debut mystery, author Parker Francis taps into an undercurrent of violence hidden behind the sleepy fa├žade of the historic town. 

When Mitchell’s friend, the City Archaeologist, is charged with a brutal murder, he must find the true killer while fighting inner demons and the corrosive residue of racial violence dating back to the Civil Rights Movement. As he learns, St. Augustine was birthed in blood—Matanzas means “place of slaughter” in Spanish—and violence is never far from the surface.

Matanzas Bay contains extra features: Read the prologue and first chapter of the next Quint Mitchell Mystery, "Bring Down the Furies."

Praise for Matanzas Bay:

Matanzas Bay is a Chinatown-like hall of mirrors of murder, conspiracy, and land development in St. Augustine.”—David Poyer, author of Ghosting and The Towers

“Parker Francis’s mystery Matanzas Bay is as intricate and full of surprises as an archeological dig into old Florida’s treasures and new Florida’s darkest secrets. Francis’s private detective Quint Mitchell has hard edges, an anguished past, and just the right amount of wise-cracking good humor to keep readers smiling ... a page turner to the end.”—Michael Wiley, author of A Bad Night’s Sleep and the Joe Kozmarski novels

"A compelling read that rushes you along the narrow streets and darkened alleyways of St. Augustine, Florida. The novel's true-to-life, blood-spattered protagonist, P. I. Quint Mitchell, takes you on an exciting and suspenseful ride through the Ancient City, one you won't soon forget."—William Kerr, author of the successful "Matt Berkeley" series

"Parker Francis has created in Quint Mitchell a protagonist you'll root for from page one.  With ever-increasing suspense and enough plot twists to keep you wondering 'til the end, Matanzas Bay won't disappoint."—Julie Compton, author of Tell No Lies and Rescuing Olivia

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:


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