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Planet iPad Free Book Alert: Dead Girl Walking tops Three (3) More Brand New Freebies Today! plus …A German actor takes the role of his life--or death. Based on a true "false flag" WW II intelligence scheme, The Losing Role (Today’s Sponsor)

"Seventeen-year-old Amber Borden has a lousy sense of direction—so lousy that she takes a wrong turn when returning from her near-death experience. She ends up in the body of the most popular girl in school, who has just tried to commit suicide. Can a girl who can’t even navigate the halls of Halsey High discover the secrets of her new identity and find her way back to her own life?”    That’s the set-up for the American Library Association 2009 Popular Paperback for Young Adults title among today's latest additions to our 300+ Kindle Free Book Alert listings, but we think there will be plenty of grown-up citizens of Kindle Nation who will give it a read too….
But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor
Failed German actor Max Kaspar takes a role in an intelligence plot of the Nazi's during the end of WW II.  Kaspar comes up with a plot of his own to escape.  The book is based on a real-life bit of war history.
The Losing Role
By Steve Anderson
4.5 Stars  -  12 Reviews

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Here's the set-up:

In the last winter of WWII a failed German actor, Max Kaspar, is forced to join an absurdly desperate secret mission in which he must impersonate an enemy American officer. So Max cooks up his own fanatical plan — he'll use his false identity to escape tyranny and war and flee to the America he'd once abandoned.

The Losing Role is based on an actual false flag operation during 1944's Battle of the Bulge that's been made infamous in legend but in reality was a doomed farce. In all the tragic details and with some dark humor, this is the story of an aspiring talent who got in over his head and tried to break free.

Praise for Losing Role:

"The Losing Role is a terrific book that deserves a wide audience. It is exciting and funny and keeps you thinking long after the action is over." — Rose City Reader

"Excellent dialogue, well-crafted characters, and enough dramatic tension to saw a Panzer in half." — Independent Novel Award, Best of 2010 (The New Podler Review of Books)

"Author Steve Anderson constructs a historical thriller in The Losing Role that should prove quite difficult to put down." — Midwest Book Review

"An excellent WWII espionage thriller that transcends the genre, making it a story that you don't have to be a history buff to enjoy." — The New Podler Review of Books

"This is a well-researched and fascinating book ... with a refreshing twist; it is told from the view point of a German soldier — and a likable one at that." — Man of la Book: Review

"The book does a marvelous job of showing the ‘fog of war’ wherein no one truly understands what is going on once the attack has begun. Finally, the book is fun." — Historical Novel Review

Indie 500 Booklist 2011 | Indie eBook Hall of Fame | Independent Novel Award, Best of 2010 (New Podler Review of Books) | Four Stars and Up: Hidden Gem

Steve Anderson is the author of The Losing Role, False Refuge and Besserwisser: A Novel. His novels often mix crime, history, mystery, noir and humor, usually involving a determined underdog stuck between two worlds.

Anderson was a Fulbright Fellow in Munich, Germany, and has also written short stories and screenplays. He has worked in marketing, advertising and journalism. Other day jobs include language instructor, waiter and freelance copywriter. He's a big soccer fan and lives in Portland, Ore.


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