Sunday, May 8, 2011

Planet iPad Free Book Alert, Sunday, May 8: Single mother Paula Munier takes on the world’s worst beagle — and loses every time — in our latest Kindle Freebie! plus …A dystopian world created by Theo Von Cezar in Godonism (Today’s Sponsor)

Single mother Paula Munier takes on the world’s worst beagle — and loses every time.  But the mutt has to be worried about the book's title, Fixing Freddie — in today's latest addition to our 300+ Kindle Free Book Alert listings….
But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor
A novel alluding to the roots of atheism in literature, in which two boys are left with no choice but to sell tickets to the Hereafter.

By Theo Von Cezar

Kindle Price:  $1.99
Text-to-Speech:  Enabled
Lending:  Enabled

Here's the set-up:

The dystopian novel 'Godonism' is set in the year 159, Nebula Era - a time when people have to pawn their minds and other 'assets' in order to survive; and at the peak of decadence, the falling of the everlasting gold unexpectedly comes...

The two eighteen-year-old boys, Ahma and Jovian, have no other choice but to start selling tickets for Hereafter.

The novel 'Godonism' paves the ground of Atheism in fiction.

From the Back Cover:
Life is not a gift; life is a struggle with the others and yourself.' Theo Von Cezar

'...To a farther side, isolated in a corral, there was a mob of pugnacious furry creatures quarreling over who must be the first to knock two stones together to produce the first man-made fire on Earth, unaware that this act would be responsible for advancing their instinctual minds. 

The wretched cohort of hominids was profoundly ignored by all animals; the animals - they were in power now - were the beneficiaries of the most sophisticated minds, with which they tried to discover the equation of all times...'

Theo Von Cezar was born in 1972 in a remote Romanian village.

He never dreamed of becoming a writer. He worked as a driver for different distribution companies before deciding to become a writer.

Theo Von Cezar started writing ‘Godonism’ in the spring of 2006 and completed it four years later in 2010. A first version was given to the world on July 15 when Theo Von Cezar decided to self-publish, a second re-edited version on November 30, 2010 and a third edition on February 18, 2011.

Theo Von Cezar’s talent relies mostly on imagination, that’s why he likes to call himself not a writer but an imaginationist. Theo Von Cezar defines his style as evolutionary speculative fiction.
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