Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Read a free sample of our eBook of the Day, Convergence, by T.M. Roy, without leaving your browser!

Here's the set-up for Convergence by T.M. Roy:

Rett, a battle-weary soldier from Nyorfias, needs imagination. Pam, an imaginative dreamer from Earth, 
needs inspiration. Unknown to both women, a fledgling Guardian of Balance needs them both in a desperate stratagem to protect the very existence of the two-planet Nyorfian system, which is not only under attack from physical entities, but from the dark force that inspires them.

Pam's first ten minutes on Nyorfias, however, just about flushes Rett's military career down the nearest toilet. Can Rett learn to cope with being saddled with a dimwitted alien mindforce--and keep herself and her platoon alive at the same time?

CONVERGENCE is Book One in a three part epic adventure where the fate of an entire planetary system hangs in the balance.

GRAVITY (Book 2) is now available for Kindle.
STRATAGEM (Book 3) due summer 2011.

From the back cover:
When the going gets tough...the tough deal with it.
Or maybe not...

Sergeant Rett of the Nyorfian Special Forces is in the fight of her life, for herself and her worlds. She doesn't realize she's the key Player in a local battle of a Game of universal scope: the struggle of the Guardians of Balance to maintain a healthy equilibrium between evil and good, darkness and light.

The neophyte Guardian for Nyorfias, Pheasyce, faces an ancient and powerful force of Dark, and must risk all in a dangerous and unique strategem, one that uses Rett as the focus. Arranging the convergence between the key Player and an imaginative dreamer from another world could be the best tactic ever.

That is, as long as Pam, who thinks this is all a dream, doesn't get Rett killed first. And as long as Rett can accept this dimwitted alien mindforce... from some planet called Earth.

Price Reduced for a limited time! Book Two is now available!
((Originally published as Journey to Nyorfias, Book One, by Terran Moffat. The text has been revised.))

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample: 

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