Sunday, January 9, 2011

Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Sunday, January 9: A free treasure trove for college applicants, teachers, nurses, lawyers, and those making their career choices, plus ... Danielle Q. Lee's NIGHTMARA (Today's Sponsor)

After pouring a ton of free books into the Kindle Store's e-bins over the weekend, and topping it with a fascinating novel about whistle blowers, Amazon gave us a restful day to review our bounty before the next batch of freebies, a paranormal investigator gives us Nightmara, a chilling thriller based on phenomena she has studied. 

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor

A crucifix and a Star of David hang on the wall near shelves holding the King James Bible, the Kabala, the Quaran.  In the bachelor pad in Calgary, the young man prays feverishly to any diety who will hear him....and protect him.  And so begins this thriller from the keyboard of a paranormal investigator.

by Danielle Q. Lee
4.0 Stars  -  7 Reviews

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Here's the set-up:

“Whatever you do, don’t think about them before you fall asleep.”

After Grayson Castle is kissed by a beautiful and mysterious woman at a night club, he soon discovers the true meaning of fear. 

Plagued nightly by what he believes to be a terrifying curse, he seeks professional help from Dr. Zoe Alexander.

Convinced it’s nothing more than sleep paralysis, she disregards his experiences as merely a hallucination—until they come after her.

Based on a true phenomenon, Nightmara explores what horrors may lie between sleep and wakefulness.

NIGHTMARA is a paranormal thriller.
Approximately 60,000 words
Contains adult situations, coarse language

About the author:

A paranormal investigator, Danielle Q.Lee has an avid and instinctive curiosity for the strange and unknown. She and a group of ghost enthusiasts investigate homes and locations for suspected paranormal activities and try to obtain proof of the afterlife.

Her first novel, Dimensions of Genesis, delves deep into the realm of the unknown.

Her articles have appeared in online sites such as UFO Digest, Paranormal News, The Anomalist, The Debris Field and many others. 

Recently her Ghost Hunting Etiquette 101 article has been accepted by Sci-Fi channel's Ghost Hunters TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) Paramagazine.

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