Thursday, January 20, 2011

Read a free sample of our eBook of the Day, The Woodcutter, Kate Danley, without leaving your browser!

Here's the set-up for The Woodcutter by Kate Danley:

Cinderella is dead and one of Odin’s hellhounds has gone rogue. 

The Woodcutter, protector of peace between the Twelve Kingdoms of Man and the Realm of Faerie, is charged with finding the beast and returning him to the Wild Hunt. 

Unfortunately, it seems the forces of evil have other plans. It is a race against time as the Woodcutter travels east of the sun and west of the moon, up beanstalks and down to the bowels of the earth to unravel a mystery that can only be described as Grimm.

About the Author:  Kate Danley is twenty year veteran of stage and screen with a B.S. in theatre from Towson University. Her plays have been produced in New York, Los Angeles, and the Washington, DC/Baltimore area. 

Her screenplay "Fairy Blood" won 1st Place in the Breckenridge Festival of Film Screenwriting Competition in the Action/Adventure Category.  Her screenplay “American Privateer” was a 2nd Round Choice in the Carl Sautter Memorial Screenwriting Competition. 

Her short films Dog Days, Sock Zombie, SuperPout, and Sports Scents can be seen in festivals and on the internet. She is an active member of the famous Acme Comedy Theater in Hollywood and can be seen performing original sketch and improv there on almost any given weekend.

 She lost on Hollywood Squares.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:

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