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Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Sunday, January 30: 5 Brand New Freebies including Nutrition Diva's 5 Secrets for Aging Well, plus ...reviewers rave about the 5-step way to conquer weight by changing your mind in Skinny Thinking: Five Revolutionary Steps to Permanently Heal Your Relationship With Food, Weight, and Your Body (Today's Sponsor)

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Five steps to change your thinking about food in a way that will change the way you eat, and the way your body looks.  35 5-Star reviewers, many in the "weight management" and "life management" fields give Skinny Thinking enthusiastic thumbs up!

Laura Katleman-Prue
5 Stars  -  40 Reviews

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Finally, a well-written guidebook that gets to the root of overweight: the way people think about food. --Dr Bernie Siegel, Author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul

Laura Katleman-Prue's Skinny Thinking exposes how thought and belief can sabotage or create a healthy relationship with food and provides us with important tools for transforming our relationship with food. --Georgianna Donadio, MSc, PhD

This book provides an engaging and fun read, while offering sound advice about how thinking differently influences positive eating habits. --Gerald P. Koocher, PhD, ABPP

Product Description

READY TO END YOUR FOOD and WEIGHT WORRIES? If so, Skinny Thinking is for you.

The only way to create a healthy relationship with food and stop battling with your weight is to change the way you think about food. This is the missing piece of the eating puzzle. 

Once you change your thinking, your eating and your body will change.  Simply by practicing the five steps presented in this book, you will never again need to worry about food or your weight. 

HERE'S HOW YOU WILL BENEFIT: Learn to make wise food and eating choices, permanently change the way you eat and think about food, end your weight struggle forever and free yourself from food worries, learn to accept your body.

About the Author:

Skinny Thinking grew out of Laura Katleman-Prue's desire to heal the eating, weight, and body image issues that plagued her for 35 years. She discovered that the root of her problem was the way she thought about food.

In fact, changing her diet was irrelevant, if she didn't change her thinking habits. By teaching herself to go on a "thought diet" and transform her relationship with food, she experienced permanent healing. 

This healing motivated her to write Skinny Thinking and to lead Skinny Thinking Workshops in order to help others heal their eating issues as well.

Laura attended Pomona College and pursued graduate studies in Marketing at Boston College. In 1980, she founded the Boston Brownie Company Inc. with retail and wholesale distribution in 2,000 stores in 14 states along the eastern seaboard.

In 1992, Laura completed coursework at Lesley University in Counseling Psychology. That same year, she received a Certification in Transpersonal Psychology from the Theravision Institute. A long-time meditator, she has been teaching meditation and self-inquiry for the past four years. She began teaching Skinny Thinking Workshops in 2009.

And from the No. 1 Ranked Reviewer On Amazon:

As a professional weight loss and health coach within corporate offices, my head is often buried in books that I think may help those with whom I help to lose weight. Most books I don't even review because they are based more on a fad approach rather than life-long changes. However, when I do come across a book that's backed not only by science, but even more importantly, retraining your thinking...I use it in my own class objectives and mention it on Amazon.  This is one of those books. --A. Chandler, Vine Voice, Ranked No. 1 Reviewer on Amazon.

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Nutrition Diva's 5 Secrets for Aging Well
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