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Real-life crime reporter Mark LaFlamme gives us over two dozen stories designed to raise the hairs on the back of our spooked little necks.  A clean sweep of 5.0 star reviews and raves from 8 readers.
by Mark LaFlamme
5.0 Stars  -  8 Reviews

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Here's the set-up:

Discover a place where men and women are forced to march for their daily bread.  A place where the end of the world doesn’t guarantee a way out.  A place where every tiny decision that you make could influence the future in giant ways.

From Maine author Mark LaFlamme, 27 disturbing tales that question the world around us, each more unsettling than the last.

A professor discovers that we all may be works of fiction. 
A freak storm leaves half the population speaking gibberish.
And the grandest secrets of them all may await in the grave.

From the Reviewers: 

Planet iPad Editor's Note:  Vine Voice Reviewers are a class to themselves among Amazon  reviewers.  Amazon selects them, and readers judge them with "helpful" or "not helpful" clicks.  A Vine Voice reviewer has won respect from Amazon.  A reviewer like Linda Bulger, who has earned her way into the top 500 reviewers on Amazon, also has readers' stamp of approval.

So when Bulger says Box of Lies is a great read, listen:

Her Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars Crisp, creative, thought-provoking, November 6, 2010

I've read Mark LaFlamme's work before, so I thought I knew what I was in for with his BOX OF LIES. Shivers at the back of my neck, furtive glances over my shoulder, a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach... delicious! But I didn't bargain on the cumulative effect of more than two dozen stories, each with its own chilling atmosphere. LaFlamme is like a graffiti artist sliding around a corner in the dark with his collar turned up, a few bold strokes and he's moved on--but the territory of your mind has been tagged with his distinctive images. 

If you're about to say that short stories aren't your thing, put that opinion on hold for a day or two and peek under the cover here. See if you really can resist. Each story opens with a line that yanks you in: "Trevor Garbo liked dead things." "My name is Rudy Weather and I can read your mind." "It was two days after the world ended when the old van rumbled up Route 4." "'Do you ever worry,' Randall Albee asked him, 'That they might come for you?'" -- Linda Bulger, 2010

About the Author

Mark LaFlamme is a crime reporter and columnist at the Sun Journal in Lewiston, Maine. His weekly column Street Talk has been named both Best in Maine and Best in New England. In 2006, LaFlamme was named Journalist of the Year by the Maine Press Association.

He is the author of the novels "The Pink Room,"Vegetation," "Asterisk: Red Sox 2089," and "Dirt: An American Campaign," as well as the short story collection "Box of Lies.

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