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Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Sunday, February 20: Janice Daugherty's The Little Known, and 200+ more! plus ... You intuitively know that you think many different types of thoughts. Learn about those types--and how to use and/or enjoy them--in Flavours Of Thought (Today's Sponsor)

A coming-of-age story full of hope and forgiveness tops this morning's latest additions to our 220+ Free Book Alert listings....

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor
Think about this:  You are thinking all day long.    Your random thoughts when, say, driving a car are quite different from the way you think when planning a dinner, golf outing, or new project at work.  And those are different as you gaze out to sea from the beach, or  before falling asleep when your mind hops randomly about.  This book introduces you to three major classes of thought types, with 7 sub-types in each class.  Why bother?  Because understanding the many ways you think might give you some useful control, or perhaps shed guilt, or....some other benefit that will come to mind in.....a thought.

By Tom Evans
5.0 Stars  -  4 Reviews

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Here's the set-up:

This is a book about thinking. We never give our thoughts a second thought. This is a shame as how and what we think fundamentally changes what sort of day we have and what sort of world we inhabit.

It describes just 21 of many possible types of thought we can have and cleverly combines them into 21 simple to follow recipes.

This is just a soupcon of what is available to us but it's a great starter.

This book is purposely short so it can be read and absorbed easily on ereaders and smartphones.

It doesn't take long to read and it quite possibly might change your world and those around you forever.

From the Author:  

Flavours of Thought is a book of transformation.  We go about our days not giving our thoughts a second thought. This is a real shame as our thoughts fundamentally changes the world around us.

In Part 1 Flavours of Thought, our thought processes are divided into groups of three, namely Ethereal Whispers, Unconscious Murmurs and Directives. Each group is then further divided into seven flavours.

By thinking about our each of our thoughts as having one of these 21 flavours, a transformation happens. We start to realise we are not a slave to them anymore and they will yield to our will and direction.

Part II of the book, Recipes for Fresh Thinking, then shows how these 21 flavours can be combined into 21 sample recipes (there are billions of other permutations) to tackle common issues like self-anger all the way through to finding your soul path.

The simplicity of this book belies its power as it is crafted from ancient wisdom but in a modern context.

What people are saying about it:

“This book is intrinsically simple. Simple to read; simple to understand; simple to apply. Its simplicity is what makes it genius.”

“It is the deceptive power in its apparent simplicity which allows Flavours of Thought to be easily accessible to both beginners and time served devotees of personal development work. The book is cleverly engineered and crafted to produce light bulb moments (or understanding) whether it’s being read cover to cover, dipped into randomly or as an aide memoir when required. I do all three, often!”

From the reviews:

A few things resonated for me. The flavor of `reception' which means being still and listening. In a world full of noise from social media and constant online consumption, we need a reminder to turn off and just be quiet to listen to the world

Flavours of Thought is so easy to read I hardly knew I was reading. I 'woke up' from it feeling refreshed, calm and ready to embrace my fulfillment.

This is such an easy thought provoking book to read. You can read the whole thing or just dip in when you want to. This is a perfect gift for anyone - they will thank you for it. 

It never stops to amaze me how Tom manages to find the right words to induce a different form of thinking; thinking that is not upside down or inside out or out of the box, etc, this thinking is more like "thinking food" for the whole mind, body and spirit. 

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