Monday, February 14, 2011

Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert, Monday, February 14: A Wild, Wanton Pride and Prejudice? That and 7 More Brand New Freebies on Our List Today! Plus ... She awoke naked in a dumpster with no memory at all. Only one person cares enough to help in Forget To Remember (Today's Sponsor)

An ex-NY Times reporter on the bureaucratic failures a decade after 911, plus several business books, an economics tome, and--Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam did whatThe literati may look askance at what lusty romance author Michelle M Pillow has done to Jane Austen's work, but there can be no complaint with the price of this or any of the eight brand new additions that sit atop today's freshly updated presentation of 225+ Free Book Alert listings....

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor
Imagine and wonder:  "What would I do?"  You awake, without a memory in your mind.  You are naked, cold, scared and bewildered.  The young man who finds you in the dumpster helps and takes you to the authorities.  Without ID, you don't exist as far as they are concerned.  What would you do?
By Alan Cook
4.5 Stars  -  5 Reviews

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Here's the set-up:

Carol Golden isn't her real name. She doesn't remember her real name or anything that happened before she was found in a Dumpster, naked and unconscious, on the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California.

After helping her get some initial medical treatment, government at all levels officially declares her a non-person and doesn't want anything more to do with her. She can't work because she doesn't have a Social Security number, which she can't get because she doesn't have a birth certificate. She can't get a driver's license, and, having no I.D. she can't fly.

Fortunately, she receives help from Rigo Ramirez, the young man who found her, and his family. Frances Moran, a genetic genealogist who is an expert at identifying and finding people using DNA and the Internet, offers her services, but nobody appears to be looking for Carol. Nobody, that is, except whoever left her for dead. Is this person going to return to finish the job?

Carol must overcome the obstacles placed in her path by an unfeeling bureaucracy while she searches for clues to her identity. If the law doesn’t protect her, why should she stay within the law? In addition, as her situation gets publicized, the risk of her attacker finding out that she’s still alive increases.

Carol discovers that she’s an “action kind of girl” who doesn’t take kindly to being told what she can’t do, which is just about everything. She realizes that if she’s going to find out who she is, she has to travel to the East Coast and England and do whatever else needs to be done, regardless of the risks.

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