Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Wall Street's Grisham' Puts The Action In The Center Of The Financial Crisis With A Life-or-Death Fight Against Inside Traders. Read A Free Sample Of Our eBook Of The Day, Bull Street, Without Leaving Your Browser!

 Here's the set-up for David Lender's Bull Street, just 99 Cents On Kindle:

Bull Street is the story of Richard Blum, a naïve, young Wall Streeter who gives a jaded billionaire the chance for redemption, as they team up to bring down an insider trading ring before they wind up in jail or dead.

An excerpt from Vaccine Nation, David Lender’s upcoming thriller, follows the text of Bull Street. 

From the reviewers:

...his best yet. [Lender] is in his element with stories of Wall Street. The Gravy Train painted that world in colorful and realistic tones. Bull Street goes yet a step further in delving deep into this world of shady characters, ambiguous loyalties and double-crosses. --Cruiseman

Bull Street has characters and plot turns that you think are stranger than fiction. Then you think about Wall Street (I've been there) and realize you can't make this stuff up because it happens. -- Christian Schiller. Managing Director, Cascadia Capital, LLC

Bull Street is another winner from Lender, an even more accurate picture of Wall Street than his last, and this one a story told against the backdrop of the Financial Crisis.-- Rohit Kapur

Richard Blum is John Grisham's Mitch McDeere of The Firm who's landed in an alternate reality at Walker & Co. on Wall Street. And instead of the mob laundering money, the top guys at this Firm are coining it, through an insider trading ring. -- Penmark

David Lender is the author of the bestselling thriller, Trojan Horse and The Gravy Train. He writes thrillers set in the financial sector based on his over 25-year career as a Wall Street investment banker. David draws on an insider's knowledge from his career in mergers and acquisitions with Merrill Lynch, Rothschild and Bank of America for the international settings, obsessively driven personalities and real-world financial intrigues of his novels.

His characters range from David Baldacci-like corporate power brokers to Elmore Leonard-esque misfits and scam artists. His plots reveal the egos and ruthlessness that motivate the players in the financial sector, as well as the inner workings of the most powerful of our financial institutions.

David began writing novels over ten years ago. At one point a friend sent his first novel to a prominent New York literary agent, whose reaction was, "Not bad for somebody who doesn't know what he's doing yet." She introduced David to a seasoned thriller editor and publisher who had edited Robert Ludlum's first nine thrillers; David spent the next 18 months working with him to learn his craft.

And here, in the comfort of your own broswer, is your free sample:


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