Thursday, June 2, 2011

Down And Out And In Prison, Pearl At Last Finds A Way To Reclaim Hope. Read A Free Sample Of Our eBook Of The Day, Among Women, Without Leaving Your Browser!

Here's the set-up for J.M. Cornwell's Among Women, just $2.99 on Kindle:

Trust is always the first thing to go, and the hardest thing to find.

Abandoned in New Orleans and left with $50 and the clothes on her back, after six weeks, Pearl believes she’s found a way to reclaim her life.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Arrested and jailed in the Orleans Parish Women’s Correctional Center without any way to reach the outside world, Pearl retreats into her own frantic thoughts.  Slowly, the voices of her fellow prisoners reach past her fear.

No longer alone, Pearl begins to listen to their stories—stories that must be told. Through their tales Pearl finds her own voice, a source of strength and a way out.

From the reviewers:

"Excellent use of language makes this quite vivid and so easy to place oneself in the middle of what's happening. Poor Pearl being hauled out of the car into that teeming circus of sideshow freaks." --Zan McD

"The psychic tension you present gives the story both weight and momentum. [T]he characters come off as very believable and haunting."  --Christian Piatt, Pulling the Goalie

"Bloody hell. It's off like a rocket! I like the notion of P being dumped with but 50 slaps. I thought of George Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and how middle class folk love to read about slumming it." --~R. J. Askew, Watching Swifts

"This is an epic piece, woven skilfully and laid out on a tapestry where setting and subject have been crafted wonderfully into an addictive read with colloquial and background descriptions. Well done!" --Andrew Williams, Dark Disciple

J. M. Cornwell is a frequent contributor to the Chicken Soup and Cup of Comfort anthologies.  Her novel, Past Imperfect, debuted July 2009. She writes about family foibles, relationships, writing, books and flights of fancy, and may be emailed at

Author J M Cornwell has written for  Columbus Alive!, Ohio, The Times-Picayune, The Wall Street Journal.  In the business world, she has written speeches, articles and newsletters for burglar and fire alarm professionals in Ohio.  

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:


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