Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Coming of Age Novel In Which A "Latter Day Huck Finn" Discovers Life and Purpose. Read a Free Sample Of Our eBook Of The Day Without Leaving Your Browser!

Here's the set-up for George O'Har's The Thousand Hour Club, just $6.99 on Kindle:

America is at war in Viet Nam. Tom Betz drops out of college and is drifting about northern New Jersey, doing drugs, getting into trouble, when he receives his draft notice. Tom decides to enlist in the Air Force. 

Eventually, after spending some months in Texas, Tom finds himself at the Army Language School, in Monterey, California, where he is taught Arabic at the hands of an Iraqi ex-patriot. Tom is then sent to Winter Survival School. 

What happens to him after he finishes Survival School turns Tom into a latter day Huck Finn whose observations on life in uniform, and life in general, fuel this peripatetic, unpredictable and humorous road novel.

From the reviewers:

The main character, Tom starts out typical of what history perceives this generation to have been. Until fate takes a hand. As a reader you get to share his journey towards his destination. Tom goes from a child with no true goal to a young man with a better idea of what life can give you so long as you listen. This book is a good read so I recommend that you do read it. When done perhaps you will learn as Tom did to listen. --Maryann Allen

Taking the Novel to Great Heights.  ....more than meets the eye. Protagonist and voice of the novel, Tommy Betz seems like an average guy, a young ne'er-do-well headed nowhere fast, but thanks to O'Har's energetic prose style and the novel's restrained ironic tone, the reader soon takes to him, and falls under the spell of what turns out to be a compelling and enchanting story of spiritual seeking, enlightenment, and redemption. Vivian Darkbloom

The narrative is skillfully crafted by O'Har, held together with a sharp sense of humor and dotted with true moments of transcendence. And, every so often, there's a description that makes the reader pull back for a minute and just appreciate the image. Unpretentious and well-written, TTHC is a breath of fresh air for your Kindle. Highly recommended. --Foley In Korea

As a former Air Force linguist I was drawn also to the similarities and contrasts with my own experiences. What George has written was very accurate with regard to Tommy's military adventures. And, also having been stationed in Greece, he made the country come back to life for me. Great job.--Bronze Sculptor

The author lives in the Boston area and teaches at Boston College. He is an Air Force veteran and former electrical engineer, with a Ph.d. from M.I.T. 

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:


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