Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Cancer Spreads: Can B&N's Periodicals Offering Really Be a Killer Feature If They Can't Be Downloaded?

By Stephen Windwalker, Editor of Planet iPad

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Update to the previous post:

On the off chance that the Globe single-day issue purchase glitch was nothing more than that, I tried subscribing to the Wall Street Journal and the New Yorker.

The result was the same, as indicated in the screen shots below. My colleague Len Edgerly has been doing some research of his own, as seen in these tweets:


  • B&N customer supervisor says they are aware of single-issue newspaper trouble w/ iPad app but can't refund. Working on it. 

  • I was able to read WashPo from B&N on iPad but not Boston Globe or Intl Herald Tribune. App update coming later, rep said.  

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