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Planet iPad Daily Free Book Alert for Monday, August 9, 2010: Lisa Turner's "A Little Death in Dixie," plus "Vampires menace Jesus in 33 A.D." from Today's Sponsor!

Some books have it all! Today's latest addition to our list of over a hundred free iPad-compatible titles in the Kindle Store involves "a complex spider's web of tragedy, mystery, suspicion, and sordid secrets" and it's pulling nothing but positive reviews from Amazon readers....

But first, a word from ... Today's Sponsor

33 A.D.
by David McAfee
Published by Coelacanth Press
Kindle Edition

List Price: $2.99
Our Price: $2.84 (Save 5%)
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(Editor's Note: If you've been reading Kindle Nation for any length of time, you may be aware that I'm not a zombie novel guy. But I've been reading 33 A.D. and I can tell you that David McAfee is a gifted writer with an amazing command of history, plot, character, and pace. And perhaps most surprising to me -- this is, in its own way, a reverent book. I think it may be one of those books that teaches its readers never to allow genre alone to guide them away from any work of fiction. --S.W.)
Jerusalem, 33 A.D. The vampires of the era have long sought to gain a foothold into Israel, but the faith of the local Jewish population has held them in check for centuries.

When one of their own betrays them to follow a strange young rabbi from Galilee, the elders of the vampire race dispatch Theron, a nine hundred year old assassin, to kill them both.

The rabbi's name is Jesus. Killing him should be easy.

"33 A.D. by David McAfee is a wildly original, non-stop pulse pounder that tells the story of a vampire assassin whose mission is to kill Jesus of Nazareth. In a genre mired by cliché stories, this stands out as something bold and new."
Jeremy Robinson, author of Pulse and Instinct

"David McAfee's 33 A.D. is a truly compelling and unique perspective on the events surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. With all the skill of a seasoned novelist, McAfee's thriller brings a melange of riveting characters, otherworld mythology, and political intrigue together in one fascinating read - a tautly paced winner on all levels."
Jon F. Merz, author of the Lawson Vampire novels & Parallax

"This story is an action-packed thriller, filled with mystery, intrigue, betrayal and murder. The attention to detail and careful plotting are masterfully done. You'd never guess this was David McAfee's first novel."
Jess Haines, author of Hunted by the Others
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Free Listings!

Here are our updated free iPad-compatible promotional listings in the Kindle Store as of Aug. 9:

A Little Death In Dixie
By Lisa Turner

"Memphis, the Mississippi River, and the underbelly of human nature they're all exposed in the dark brew of this fast-paced Southern Gothic suspense. Page-turning and atmospheric, this tightly-plotted novel turns the screws and sends readers racing to its surprise conclusion." ~Michael Finger, Senior Editor, Memphis Magazine
The Blues were born out of need, anger and pride. Murder comes from those same dark places. Memphis has both. One of Memphis' most seductive and notorious socialites has vanished. Either she's off on another drunken escapade or the disappearance is something much more frightening. What begins as an ordinary day's work for Detective Billy Able quickly grows into a complex spider's web of tragedy, mystery, suspicion, and sordid secrets including a few of Billy's own. With the help of Mercy Snow, the estranged sister of the missing socialite, Billy follows a twisted trail of human frailty and corruption to disturbing truths that undermine everything he thought he knew about himself and the people he loves.

New from Harper Collins, Inc. 
(Pre-Order Now and the Free Book Will Download 
Automatically to Your Kindle on October 12, 2010):

Mysterious Profile #24: Ian Rutledge by Charles Todd

New from Harper Collins, Inc. 
(Pre-Order Now and the Free Book Will Download 
Automatically to Your Kindle on September 7, 2010):

Buddha: With Bonus Material 
by Deepak Chopra 

New from Harper Collins, Inc. 
(Pre-Order Now and the Free Book Will Download 
Automatically to Your Kindle on August 31, 2010):
The Girl on the Beach: A Bess Crawford Mystery
By Charles Todd, 
author of A Duty to the Dead 

The Postcard Killers (Special Free Preview: Book One) by James Patterson and Liza Marklund
(About 87 pages in print)

(That's the good news. The bad news is that Patterson and his agency model publisher, Hachette, have priced pre-orders for the ebook's August 16 release at the exorbitant and unsustainable price of $14.99.)

Paris is stunning in the summerNYPD detective Jacob Kanon is on a tour of Europe's most gorgeous cities. But the sights aren't what draw him--he sees each museum, each cathedral, and each cafe through the eyes of his daughter's killer.

The killing is simply marvelous
Kanon's daughter, Kimmy, and her boyfriend were murdered while on vacation in Rome. Since then, young couples in Paris, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, and Stockholm have been found dead. Little connects the murders, other than a postcard to the local newspaper that precedes each new victim.

Wish you were here
Now Kanon teams up with the Swedish reporter, Dessie Larsson, who has just received a postcard in Stockholm--and they think they know where the next victims will be. With relentless logic and unstoppable action, The Postcard Killers may be James Patterson's most vivid and compelling thriller yet.

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Memoir, Biography, Personal Story

Harper Collins Pre-Order for July 30, 2010 - Suspense
Harper Collins Pre-Order for August 24, 2010 - Suspense

Writing and Publishing
Publish on Amazon Kindle with the Digital Text Platform
Publish on Amazon Kindle with the Digital Text Platform

by Rick Riordan
Contemporary Fiction
The Hunters
The Hunters

Spirituality and Christian Fiction

Science Fiction and Fantasy
 Bright of the Sky (Entire and the Rose, Book 1)
 First Flight: A Tor.Com Original
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #3: Paragon
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #3: Paragon
Swashbuckling Fantasy: 10 Thrilling Tales of Magical Adventure
Swashbuckling Fantasy: 10 Thrilling Tales of Magical Adventure

Historical Fiction and Romance
The Wicked House of Rohan
The Wicked House of Rohan - Historical Fiction by Anne Stuart
 Hide in Plain Sight

Memoir, Biography, Personal Story
More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea

Samples and Sneak Previews
Shaken (Teaser Chapters) (Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mysteries)
 The Lost Hero Chapter Sneak Peek
by Rick Riordan

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